Where Performing Is More Than An Art, It Is A Way Of Learning.

    To instill a desire in students to become life-long learners empowered with the ability to have a positive effect on the global community.
    To establish a Student-Family-Teacher-Civic relationship that develops and sustains a Professional Learning Community where arts and technology combine with academics and real life skills to educate and enrich the Whole Individual.
    PLC Arts Academy at Scottsdale is committed to providing a learning environment rich in the arts, where students achieve academic and social excellence while solving real-life problems in a cooperative manner.
    We Strive to teach all children the importance, value and worth of:
    Care for Self: Integrity - Honesty - Respect
    Care for Others: Kindness - Dependability
    Care for Community: Civic Responsibility
    We believe that every student has the ability and the right to learn. We believe that learning takes place best when educators, students, and parents share a common set of educational values and goals.
    • We believe and are committed to the application of technology as a tool in every classroom.
    • We believe our academic and arts programs will develop the inner disciplines and individual responsibilities needed to live productive lives.
    • We believe the self-esteem and individuality of a student will be developed as their artistic gifts are fine-tuned through various arts programs.
    • We believe that positive interactions and positive feedback from staff to students is the best way to encourage appropriate and desirable behavior and for promoting the development of good habits.

    We Make Learning Fun

    Your child will embrace learning and explore their strengths

    Learning is our central purpose and we set high expectations and have a deep belief in every student to learn and to achieve high standards.
    Our students are the center of all learning and we aim to provide them with a continuous learning journey where they will be engaged in a varied curriculum with relevant learning experiences and a wide range of learning tools.

    We are a Safe Environment

    Your child will be safe, secure and supported

    We recognize that building character is as important as developing intellect. We have created an inspiring social and emotional learning environment which equips our young people with the skills needed to take advantage of the opportunities and rise to the challenges of our ever-changing world. Our programs help every student understand and develop their unique character strengths the same way that they study every other subject. They learn how to apply these to their studies, and cultural pursuits in a safe and supporting environment.

    A Balanced Education

    Your child’s confidence and sense of belonging will increase.

    Students feel a greater sense of belonging and have a higher self-esteem when they take part in structured learning with diversity. This includes our artist-in-residence program and other activities such as class trips with enriched cultural experiences. In addition, opportunities we provide make for a more motivated and engaged group of students, which leads to a happier and more cohesive school.

    The benefits of these activities have been extensively researched and students who participate develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to continue on to higher education.

    Ethos and Values

    We look out for each other

    We have continued to develop an exceptional learning environment which provides each and every one of our students with the best possible education and sends them into tomorrow as confident, committed and compassionate members of the global community.
    Our diverse learning community flourishes within and outside of our campus.
    Our values of acceptance, respect and inclusion are our primary focus and our cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated.

    Pride and Belonging

    Our students take pride in being part of the school

    Our students have a strong sense of pride and belonging, enjoy learning and are challenged and engaged. These young people will work in occupations not yet created, use technology not yet invented, however, will be able to draw upon the strong foundations and values that will always be part of our school's strong foundation.

    Our Teachers

    We will teach your child HOW to think, not WHAT to think

    Our teachers have an in-depth knowledge of their teaching areas and a wide understanding of the students in their care. They know the learning styles, interests, family environment and what makes our students tick. They encourage students to accept responsibility for their own learning and teach them how to become lifelong learners, thus setting them on the path for success after their schooling has finished.

    Visit us in Person

    Make an appointment today to learn more first hand and see us in action.
    Phone (480) 951-3190

    Finally, while all of the above is important, we encourage prospective families and members of our community to take the time to visit us in person.
    It is when you attend one of our School Days or take a personal tour and meet our students and staff and speak with other parents, that you will experience our true ”feel,” our culture, and what makes us the school of choice.

    By visiting our beautiful campus you will witness first-hand the dignity and poise of our students and you will leave understanding our beliefs, ethos and values and the aspirations we have for each and every one of them.
    This is one of the main reasons people choose us – and why they stay.


    * "A" rated school

    * High test scores

    * Recognized art program



    * High academic achievement

    * Outstanding, broad-based curriculum

    * Lessons presented use multiple teaching techniques and materials

    * Computer and tablet-based programs

    * Individualized, gifted, and small group instruction

    * Differentiated learning

    * Hands-on activities

    * Low student/teacher ratios

    * Certified, Highly-Qualified teachers

    * Art, Music, Drama & P.E. for all grades

    * Theatrical Musical Performances in each class

    * Uniforms

    * Social and emotional development

    * Family-oriented community


    We believe that what Arts Academy at Scottsdale offers is a comprehensive program that provides a safe and nurturing environment while maintaining high expectations for all students.