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Miss Soko's 2nd Grade


· Soko,September

Science/Social Studies: This month we are focusing on the United States, continents, suburban, rural, country, city, maps, making maps, compass rose, key to a map etc ! Students will pick a state to study for the month! Projects are due Friday, September 29th! Students will present their float and state book to the class and Families are welcome to come to our viewing party later that day from 1:40-2:30! Remember food related items are welcome! Please bring napkins, plates, forks, spoons needed for your item etc.

We are 16 (Including Soko) Details, rubric and states are being chosen soon!

Last month we learned about land forms! We had fun creating mountains with graham crackers, water color land forms and playing landform Jeopardy!

*This month I am looking for any compass!

(Ones from the dollar store!?) If anyone can donate let me know!

Math: We are moving into Chapter 2 in Go math! We are continuing to learn about place value, hundreds, tens, and ones. Show how to make numbers using blocks, models, expanded form, place value charts, reading numbers, and writing numbers. We will be having a chapter 2 test at the end of the month and starting chapter 3!

Language Arts/Reading: This month we are focusing on who, what, where, when, why and how when we are reading! Don’t forget to read at home and complete the reading logs! Expression and comprehension are key!

Don’t forget:

To read as much as possible!

Spelling city for spelling practice!!

Reading A-Z for reading practice!

Math fact aps!

Synergy for student’s progress!

Sep 6th National Book day: Bring your favorite book to share with the class any day this week!

Sep 8t Progress reports go home. You can check student’s progress at any time through synergy!

Sep 29th State projects are due!!

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