To instill a desire in students to become life-long learners empowered with the ability to have a positive effect on the global community.
    To establish a Student-Family-Teacher-Civic relationship that develops and sustains a Professional Learning Community where arts and technology combine with academics and real life skills to educate and enrich the Whole Individual.
    PLC Arts Academy at Scottsdale is committed to providing a learning environment rich in the arts, where students achieve academic and social excellence while solving real-life problems in a cooperative manner.
    We Strive to teach all children the importance, value and worth of:
    Care for Self: Integrity - Honesty - Respect
    Care for Others: Kindness - Dependability
    Care for Community: Civic Responsibility
    We believe that every student has the ability and the right to learn. We believe that learning takes place best when educators, students, and parents share a common set of educational values and goals.
    • We believe and are committed to the application of technology as a tool in every classroom.
    • We believe our academic and arts programs will develop the inner disciplines and individual responsibilities needed to live productive lives.
    • We believe the self-esteem and individuality of a student will be developed as their artistic gifts are fine-tuned through various arts programs.
    • We believe that positive interactions and positive feedback from staff to students is the best way to encourage appropriate and desirable behavior and for promoting the development of good habits.